What is the Magic Question?

"Biggest problem you have in your life right now...when you think about it, how does it make you feel?"


whatever your answer is .... that is the 'code'

 Here are some of the BIG codes: 

FEELINGS                                                                                                   FEARS

  • sad                                                                                                     fear of dying
  • hurt                                                                                                    fear of financial death
  • betrayed                                                                                             fear of getting hurt
  • not good enough                                                                                fear of being betrayed
  • worthless                                                                                            fear of being embarrassed
  • angry                                                                                                  fear of what people think
  • mortified                                                                                            fear of  being trapped
  • abandoned                                                                                         fear of being alone                                                                                       


are you making pictures of the future going wrong ?

if yes:

When you see those pictures you're afraid of ....... ?

Whatever that word is––is the code for the fear.

And that is what we work with to disconnect it from your life. Everything changes after that.

We have used this technique with people of all ages and in many unusual settings such as restaurants, over lunch with a friend, whenever there is a need.