Empower yourself.

This revolutionary new self help tool helps with anxiety, depression or fears.

Our Mission:

  • To share this simple and elegant self help tool with the world 
  • To empower you to have a technique that you can use for yourself, family and friends.
  • Free you from regularly scheduled appointments
  • Teach you to use this tool anywhere, anytime, with anyone
  • Freedom from gadgets, ceremonies, or talk therapy
  • To live a happy, authentic life with those you love

 Think of it as the 'Free energy model' of mind therapy

We call it The F.I.X. Code Technique

Thousands have been helped in the past 25 years. Testimonials are on our FIX Code website


  What IS IT ?                                         who is it for?

  • It is a Metaphorical device ( language )  that allows your unconscious mind to interpret and make the changes it needs. 
  • It disconnects those horrible feelings
  • It disconnects fears ...fears are you making pictures of the future going wrong
  • This tool is used in all our live events and courses
  • Anyone that is stuck or feeling held back 
  • can't move forward, afraid
  • feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • weepy and weak, feeling worthless
  • feels out of control, overwhelmed
  • the feeling of struggle and sooooo many more
  • actually, it can help just about everyone that wants help